Student Testimonials

These comments were received on anonymously collected teacher evaluations which are conducted every semester. For full details on the evaluations, please contact me.

“Katie – Thank you honestly for being the most engaging lecturer I’ve ever had. Your enthusiasm and cheery demeanour made the 8am Monday lecture bearable… Many lecturers seem to dryly present information, expecting students will automatically engage. But it makes such a different when their style reflects a genuine passion for the topic, as Katie seems to do. This in turn made it so much easier for me to try and get my head around massive amounts of difficult information, and kept me going.”

  • Student in COM00446, “The Big Picture: Global Media”, Spring 2011, Southern Cross University

“Katie is always energetic, highly engaging, and an absolute pleasure to have as a teacher. She shows a sense of care towards every student individually. Her classes are always joyful and she is impeccably prepared. She presents subject content in an interesting and engaging manner. She is an all around kind and wonderful teacher.”

  • Student in BCM240, “Media, Audience, Place”, Spring 2013, University of Wollongong

“I am 100% convinced I would HATE life it wasn’t for Katie, she makes this subject interesting and shows me ways/examples of how what we are learning is relevant to the media world. She is funny, extremely helpful and due to her presence I actually looked forward to our tutorials every week. I actually wanted to learn more about the subject! (What a nerd.) Never have I been more appreciative of a tutor and I desperately hope I will be taught by her again.”

  • Student in MACS335, “Electronic Cultures”, Autumn 2010, University of Wollongong



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