Teaching Portfolio

I am an enthusiastic and dedicated university teacher with extensive experience using digital technology in the classroom. I have taught face-to-face, distance, and online subjects in media and communication, cultural studies, journalism, and education technology. I have a strong background in audience research and media theory and am committed to inclusive education practices.

I believe that education should happen in the open, and share all my teaching work online. Please check out my class Prezis and follow me on Twitter to participate in the discussion.

To read student feedback from recent teacher evaluations, please click here.

University of Wollongong (2009-2011, 2012-current)

I have initiated and participated in many digital technology initiatives while teaching at UOW. I helped develop the first pilot programs of blogging for students using WordPress and Twitter, and taught students in the virtual world Second Life. I also taught students how to make machinima using World of Warcraft (see video below).

I have extensive knowledge of Moodle, Mahara, Echo360, and EQUELLA through my teaching practice and my role as an educational designer.

Subjects taught:

  • BCM101, “New Media: Histories, Industries, & Practices”
  • DIGC335, “Media Innovation and Global Communication”
  • DIGC101, “New Media Communication”
  • SOC250, “Everyday Interactions”
  • BCM240, “Media, Audience, Place”
UOW DIGC101 Teaching avatars

Meeting with students in the virtual world Second Life.

UOW Teaching DIGC101

Teaching in the digital humanities classroom.

Southern Cross University (2011-2012)

As part of the School of Arts and Social Science, I delivered several media studies subjects both online by distance and face-to-face at Lismore campus in northern NSW. I have used Blackboard, Collaborate, Prezi, and Skype in my teaching to engage with students.

Subjects taught:

  • COMM10081, “True Stories, Factual Media” (face-to-face)
  • COMM00439, “Theory in Practice: Issues in Media Studies” (distance)
  • COMM00446, “The Big Picture: Global Media” (distance and face-to-face)

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