Doctoral Thesis

Access my thesis online.

My dissertation focused on the fan community of vidders, who create remix of film and television sources in combination with music to create vids, or fan-made music videos. This is a (mostly) female community with a unique method of interpreting popular culture texts who share their creations both online in Livejournal vidding communities and face-to-face at conventions and other fan gatherings. Vids often explore themes not intended by the original creators, and demonstrate in a dynamic visual and auditory form how television audiences engage with their favoured texts. Here’s an example of one of my favourite vids to give you an idea:

Using ethnographic methods, online and off, I explored both the texts created by this community and also the individuals involved in the practice. I argued that vids deconstruct television texts in specific ways by separating the paradigmatic and syntagmatic elements, and that this practice is influenced by the social construction of gender. I explored the boundaries of and relationships within the vidding community, and also the strategies used by vidders to protect themselves from intellectual property disputes.


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