On looking beyond sideways

This post really hit home for me today. Always important to remember that the things I’m struggling with in higher ed are not just me or my problem, it’s systemic.


As we organise ourselves to join the conversation in Hobart about insecure work in Australian higher education, this new post from Natalie really sums up what we care about, and why we built CASA as a platform where the lived experience of Australia’s higher education casual workers could make a critical contribution to the way we think about casualisation and its impact. Comments, thoughts, warmly welcome – Kate and Karina

Last week wasn’t a good week in my circle of niceness. There were a few disappointed hopes regarding jobs and grant applications, and a prevailing air of hopelessness and desperation. I was also disappointed—and angry—for my colleagues and friends. They are brilliant, hard-working, passionate, dedicated academics, in fields that most people would agree are in desperate need of clever thinkers, researchers, communicators, educators and problem-solvers. Despite their many talents and the calibre of their work, they are of the Higher Education Precariat.

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