Digital badges at OLT Conference 2014

Well friends, I’m now working at the Australian National University as a digital learning developer. (I really need to update this thing more often.) And I’m very excited to be working on a project on using digital badges to give postgrad and research students credentials for participating in professional development and skills training. As part of the project, I recently attended the OLT Conference in Sydney on “Higher Education in the Digital Age”. While I found the conference itself to be a mixed bag (death by PowerPoint and active disinterest in casualisation in higher ed), there were some great discussions on digital badges as a result of the presentations from Deakin University on their OLT commissioned project on digital credentialing.

Coming from a badge-friendly bubble here in my ANU team, I was surprised at the tension and concerns raised regarding badges. So I collected the Tweets on badges from the conference to share the discussion onwards. (Unfortunately I cannot embed it directly into the WordPress.)

Click here to access “Digital badges at #olt2014” on Storify.

I’m hoping to write up more on the issues regarding casualisation as they were (not) discussed at OLT for CASA as well, so stay tuned.


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