Managing your profiles isn’t as easy as you think

As part of the digital literacies project, we’re asking students to create a digital portfolio, profile, or CV using a ePortfolio like Mahara or resume like LinkedIn. It’s part of the project’s emphasis on helping UOW students be digitally ready for the workplace once they graduate, and to demonstrate how they can control their online identities.

But managing your online profiles is easier said than done! I wanted to update my own profiles and create a digital CV to give some examples and demonstrate good practice, and it’s taken me a solid three days to get it ready and involved a lot of problem solving and research to get it done. Throughout the project, the team and myself have consistently been surprised at the level of effort and knowledge required to complete the digital tasks that would be obvious to many. Keeping one’s online presence up to date and at the correct privacy settings takes constant maintenance and requires a lot of practice. I frequently hear students and academics talking about the negative effects that social media blunders can have on careers (along these lines), but are we really helping students to develop these complex social and technical skills?

There is also a lot of fear and misunderstanding of social media in the classroom, both at tertiary and school levels, which can block constructive discussion. At the recent Illawarra Education Technology Conference, one of the panel participants also mentioned the difficulties that schools are constantly having with cyberbullying. I think a lot of work needs to be done to improve the identity management aspect of digital literacies from early schooling right through to university and beyond.

But I’d like to share my new Prezi CV (Prezume?) and updated LinkedIn profile with you now. (Unfortunately WordPress no longer supports embedded Prezis.) As always, I’d love to hear what you think and how we can most effectively develop relational and interpersonal skills in the digital sphere.


2 responses to “Managing your profiles isn’t as easy as you think

  1. Your Prezume (love the name you coined!) looks good. I always find Prezi pretty and often easy to read/navigate, but it still baffles me whenever I want to use it, which is why I tend to stick to (extremely?) old fashioned PowerPoint presentations for talks.

    LinkedIn is practical in terms of organization for an online resume, and it is true that keeping everything up to date and also know what is for professional use and what is purely personal can be tricky.

    • Great to hear from you Natacha! I wish I could take credit for the term “Prezume” but it’s something that they came up with themselves (

      Thanks for your feedback – Prezi took me ages to learn how to use but now I struggle to create PowerPoints!

      As I have so many social media accounts I worry quite a bit about what to share and where – accidentally Tweeting something personal through a work account happens to me a lot and is really embarrassing!

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