Special issue of M/C journal on remix now available!

Together with my excellent colleague Andrew Whelan (who was also my thesis supervisor), I’m really excited to announce the publication of our guest-edited volume of Media/Culture Journal on the theme of remix. You can find the entire issue here on the M/C website: http://journal.media-culture.org.au/index.php/mcjournal/issue/view/remix

We got so many great papers that it was really hard to narrow it down, but I think we are both really pleased with how it turned out. Special thanks must go out to all our peer reviewers who donated their time – you are the unsung heroes! I was really proud to work on a publication like M/C because of their policy of making the papers accessible not only by being open access, but by emphasizing writing in approachable and not jargon-heavy style.

I’ll write a bit more soon about the rest of the papers, but if I had to plug one at the moment it would be Ruth Walker’s paper “Double Quote Unquote“, which challenges concepts of scholarly attribution and referencing conventions. Walker shares examples of university classes where students are directed to plagiarise others, and are punished for writing anything original, and artists who only speak in quotes to the annoyance of all the people they interact with. It’s definitely worth a read, if only to have a think about whether academic writing can ever be a playful process involving use of existing material.



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