#phdchat to the rescue

the path of the PhD / ECR can feel pretty isolating. as you might have noticed, i’ve spent a little while struggling with getting publications out there and dealing with reviewer comments. i’ve also just found quite a few job openings which i think i could be awesome at but they all happen to be between 1000kms and 10,000kms away from where i currently live, so i’m debating whether or not to apply when i really don’t want to move away/overseas (again).

but i just checked in to #phdchat on Twitter, and it’s really uplifting to see my peers struggling with the same issues, offering advice & support, and sharing their success stories.

from @drsivwatkins: you can get an academic job. it can be overseas. and you can deal with it. read more.

from @thesiswhisperer: don’t believe the hype about the deal of academia, because even if you don’t get an academic job, you’ll still be awesome at whatever you do and only 2% of phd grads are unemployed. read more.

from @phdskills: no one knows how to be good at peer review and revisions automatically. it’s complicated, but here are some great tips on how to do it successfully. read more.

go check it out!

(image via Siv Watkins’ post linked above)


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