New publication on ethics in fan research

Check it out here!

in this new piece in the participations journal of audience research, dianna fielding and i discuss the ethical issues we encountered while doing research into fan communities through the web. dianna’s work focuses on genderswap fanfiction authors, and i (of course) shared my experiences working with the vidding community. this was my first collaborative publication and it was a great experience. much more stimulating to write when you’ve got someone to work with and bounce ideas off of.

we discuss how we built rapport with our participants, confidentiality & consent in online research, and how our positions as fans related to our research. take a look and let me know what you think!

thanks to editors lucy & tom for their support and feedback throughout the process. 🙂

while i haven’t yet had a chance to read all the articles, the rest of the issue looks absolutely fabulous with contributions from the big names in fan studies like matt hills, paul booth, and kristine busse. (i’m pretty chuffed that i am listed on the same page of the internet with these smarties.) you can find them all here.


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