new job, new life, new path?

i have been extremely slack with my blog as of late, and i’m going to put in a bit of effort to get this thing back on the radar. watch for updates and changes to the site coming soon!

i’ve started a new position as a learning designer for my alma mater UOW, and i’m still working on figuring out exactly what that means for my future career. now if there’s one thing my life has taught me, it’s not to plan too far ahead. i’ve ended up in places i never expected and trying to guess what’s coming up seems futile. i’m trying to embody some taoist philosophy and just go with the flow.

but at the moment, i’m working on guest-editing a volume on remix for media/culture. the abstracts are all in and now i have the difficult task of deciding which ones to include in the issue – they are all excellent! the volume is due out in august so keep an eye out for that.

i’m also planning some grants in my new area of interest, which relates more to my new position in learning design than my phd research. i’m working with academics to design elearning sites in moodle, and have lots of ideas about how the new moodle platform at UOW can perhaps be used for social media and games in teaching.

anyway, stay tuned as i get this site back up to scratch with new information, more frequent updates, and upcoming research thoughts.



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