New Digital CV

In honour of my 100th post (!) I am proud to unveil a new, interactive version of my CV, which I created using Prezi. One of the key things that employers in communications are looking for is academic staff who are familiar with digital and social media, and a traditional paper CV just wasn’t able to share the multimedia and interactive projects I have been involved in while teaching at UOW. (If only you could embed a YouTube video into a Word document!)

So to that end, this CV contains (nearly) all the same information as my traditional CV (which you can access under the CV tab above), as well as links to both student work on YouTube, Twitter, WordPress, and photos from our virtual world excursions in Second Life, and my own conference presentations and publications. Check it out!

You can navigate it using the path that I have set up (which goes through the CV in a narrative) or pan and zoom using your mouse wheel as you please. Let me know what you think of it!

Curriculum Vitae for K Freund on Prezi


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