If it sounds too good to be true…

We all know the ending to this one. For the second time this year, I have received an invitation from a publisher to contribute my work to their publication, and it turns out to be a scam. I find it particularly cruel as I’m in that weird position between finishing the PhD and becoming an ECR*, and desperately trying to increase my publication record. It can be a long and difficult process, as I’m sure many of my readers will know. So while I’m working on writing and submitting and awaiting responses from journals, I get these scam emails and all of a sudden I’m so excited! And then my rational brain switches on and I turn to Google.  Yup… scams. So here’s my public service announcement to my comrades out there:

If you receive any emails from Verlag De Muller (VDM) Publishing or any journals from David Publishing, don’t reply. VDM publishes absolutely everything they receive without fact-checking and doesn’t print any copies and charges a fortune to get any made up. (See this blog post for details.) David Publishing solicits on behalf several different journals (mine was “Journalism and Mass Communication”), and accepts everything without review before then asking you to pay $50 per page to have it printed. (Thanks to The Trial Warrior for this post.)

I say shame on these fake publishers. You toy with my hopes!!

Oh well. Here’s something to make us all feel better:

(Cheers to http://verydemotivational.memebase.com/2011/11/14/demotivational-posters-what-the-duck/)


There. That’s better.


*I’m not sure if ECR is a common term outside of Australia, but it refers to “early career researcher”, or someone in the first five years after their PhD.


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