Revise 2010: complete!!

Wow, what a total whirlwind that was! The conference I worked on with two wonderful colleagues (Andrew Whelan and Rae Campbell) is finally over. I think that the event was a success overall, even though I was pretty wrapped up in the minutiae of running the event and sometimes wasn’t able to fully enjoy the actual panels.

There were a few papers that I particularly enjoyed:

James Meese, from Swinburne, gave a fantastic paper on copyright, which unpacked and critiqued how the terms “author” and US-centric notions of “free speech” and “creativity” have impacted worldwide discourses on copyright law and the Creative Commons. It was one of the great papers where I find myself nodding along to all the points made and also seeing terms I use often in my research being used in thought-provoking ways. One excellent point that Meese made was that free culture discourses critique the concept of the author as sole creator in traditional copyright disocourses, but still uses the same concept unproblematically in their own discourses. Great stuff!

Another paper I found to be personally quite interesting was that of Siobhan McHugh, from here at UOW, who is a radio journalist and presented on transcription and translation of audio and how this can impact meaning and interpretation. Siobhan argued for the primacy of voice itself as the best medium to convey knowledge, where transcriptions can often elide the intended meaning or emotion. As I gather most of my research from ethnographic data such as interviews and then transcribe them myself I know how difficult it can be to render the intent of the speaker in written words, and often struggle to best represent the viewpoints of my research participants. Siobhan advocates for the inclusion of the actual audio files in written work – something I am now considering with my own dissertation.

Vidder and academic Cathy Cupitt gave a fantastic presentation in which she discussed her personal vidding work, how vids explore not only television series or film but also wider fannish discourses. One of my favourite parts was where she shows a vid she made of her own presentation — awesome!

On Thursday evening we had a night at the UniBar with performances by remix artists, and a vidshow as well. Check out this cool song composed entirely of Windows sounds by the enigmatic Buttress O’Kneel:


To view the entire conference program, check it out on Google Docs here.

Several people have inquired about having Revise again in 2011.  One option is to have it in Melbourne at Deakin University, where my friend Chris now teaches, as I’m not sure if I’ll still be at UOW this time next year (a terrifying thought!). I’m certainly not discounting the possibility of having another Revise event, as I had a great time! (And being referred to as the “mastermind” allowed me to cross that off my bucket list.)




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