Revise Update

Well, things haven’t been moving too much lately because of my teaching load, but I’m happy to say that now that the semester is over I’m able to devote more time and attention to the Revise conference. The conference team is working hard to get everything organized in the scant month that’s left. It’s going to be tough, but hopefully worth it! Looks like it will be a small event, but I’ve always found small conferences to be more personally engaging and rewarding than the large, multi-track ones. We’re going to have at least two performance sets by remix artists in the evenings, so it should be one interesting conference!

I just wanted to share the event poster with you:

Revise Conference

Getting really excited about it! Lots of great speakers will be coming, both artist and academic, from a very diverse set of backgrounds and interests – everything from remix in German literature, to fantasy literature, to political remix videos, to hip hop, to Korean copyright law and Australian radio broadcasting, and of course vidding! Any readers out there who are interested in attending, just check out the website and register. I’d love to see you there!!


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