Writing continues, and how I use quotes

I may not be dead, but I have fallen into a pit of writing, conferences, and research work here at uni. Probably about time, though, lol.

For anyone who was curious, I’ve completed my second chapter (barring some minor edits). This chapter is about my methodologies – what types of data collection methods I’ve used and what – and a general introduction to the vidding community online – about how many people, some demographics, and that sort of thing. I also address issues like privacy, consent, confidentiality, and things like that.

I’ve now moved on to third chapter, which I’ve tentatively titled “The Practice of Vidding”. It is sort of a background information chapter for my readers who may not be familiar with vidding, and covers the 30-odd year history from slides to digital, and then gives a summary of how current digital vids are made (as I’ve mentioned before, I am focusing on contemporary, digital vidding for my dissertation).

I already have, and probably will continue to, be sending out some emails in the near future to various vidders I’ve met or interviewed, and also some I haven’t, asking for permission to quote sources outside the range of personal interviews or focus groups (which is covered by the consent form you would have signed). This may include things like individual’s Livejournal posts, or comments in someone else’s LJ. I will be quoting from general posts to communities without tacit permission, because a larger/more public audience is assumed for these. However, I will request permission to quote by email for any comments in any LJ, and personal LJs. And I will ask permission for each quote, and not just assume a blanket permission to take words wherever I please (unless the vidder indicates this is okay).

I am planning to include a DVD of several vids along with my dissertation for the examiners / my supervisors. I am going to be sending out consent forms which need to be signed by the vidder in order to include it here. You can check out the consent form here if you are curious: http://docs.google.com/View?id=dfn5rwh3_114cbkv3pfd. It usually comes with the participant information sheet, which looks like this:

Of course, if you receive a request to quote or for vid use, you can always refuse me with no hard feelings. I’m not here to expose anyone or disrupt anything.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be able to run a final focus group as I may have desired. I have some tight deadlines coming up and really need to get on those. My apologies to everyone who volunteered! However, if there is anyone out there who would like to read portions of my thesis as it is written, please let me know. I am looking for some vidder/vid-watcher feedback. 🙂


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