Windy City, Here I Come

My flight leaves in 14 hours for Chicago: I am finally going to go to Vividcon. This trip has been a year and a half in the making, and now that I’m finally going I can only say that I’m both extremely relieved, and extremely nervous. A lot of things have changed for me in the past 18 months, that’s for sure.

In any case, I have a pretty packed schedule during the few days I’m in Chicago. Lots of interviews with fantastic vidders and vid-watchers alike that I’m supremely excited to talk to. Getting to know individuals, learning about their history and their vids and techniques and thoughts on the community is the most engaging part of this sort of research.

And I can’t wait to squee wildly over the gabillion vidders I admire. Fangirl at heart, what can I say.

I am worried that my schedule is too packed, that I’ll be run absolutely into the ground by the end of the weekend. But hey, I’ve done cons before, forgone sleep, and lived off pixie sticks and coca cola, and I can do it again!

I’m coming, Chicago.


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