Focus Group at VVC

Just sent out a bunch of invitations for people to be interviewed at VVC, and I’m going to send out another round soon.

I’m wondering if anyone is interested in participating in a focus group while at the con, which is kind of like a group interview with four or five people all together. I’ve found this type of interview format to be really useful, engaging, and tends to be more social and fun than traditional interviewing. The questions will be a bit meatier and more open-ended, and are designed for everyone to discuss and debate with each other, dealing with trends in vidding, remix culture as a whole, the role of gender in the vidding community, and fair use and copyright issues.

If the idea of participating in this appeals to you, hey, let me know! I’m sure we can arrange a time for all of us to chat together at some point, perhaps over dinner?

Email me at if you’d like to participate, or leave a comment and I’ll get back to you. You’re welcome to join the focus group even if I’m interviewing you separately as well!


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