CEDIR Second Life Workshop

Our workshop to-do list:

  1. Border authentication
  2. Creating an account
  3. Logging in
  4. Friending: Click “Communicate”, then and add Rina Ethaniel as your friend
  5. Groups: Click on “DIGC101 New Media Communication” in my profile and join the group so that I can communicate with you.
  6. Moving
  7. Communicating – main and IM chat, group chat, voice
  8. Using objects / interacting with the environment
  9. Profiles
  10. Search
  11. Map
  12. Teleporting and Landmarks
  13. Editing Appearance
  14. Inventory
  15. Freebie Sites
  16. Making Money

A list of useful in-world locations you can link to, known as “SLurls”:

  • Sandbox . Head here if you need to unpack a box!
  • The Pond. A Telstra-run island with some great builds of Australiana.
  • ABC Island. The ABC’s own island with tons of cool buildings and sites to explore.
  • Vassar College. A recreation of this American college’s campus, featuring an exact replica of the Sistine Chapel built by the students.
  • Alliance Library Island. One of the many libraries in the SL library system, where you can check out information on a variety of topics, with support from actual librarians.
  • October Country. A Hallowe’en build that plays old radio dramas. Sit around the campfire and listen to the plays by turning on your audio (click on the “play” button next to the music notes above your Inventory).
  • Bogart’s Jazz Club. A formal dance club that plays classic jazz music. Make sure to turn on your audio, and be warned of the etiquette codes of the club!
  • Alice’s Looking Glass. A fun build based on Alice in Wonderland. Fall down the rabbit hole and look for the club.
  • Jokaydia. A build by an instructor from Wollongong TAFE, this island is used by a variety of SL educators to teach classes in-world.
  • Chichen Itza. A build by Tourism Mexico in an attempt to promote the site for one of the Eight Wonders of the World.
  • Avilion Grove. A medieval role-playing group. Be careful of the etiquette requirements of the sim.
  • Georgia State University. Check out the library for a extensive selection of landmarks in various fields. They also have a library of notecards on how to use SL.
  • Princeton University. Explore how the university promotes itself in-world.
  • Ohio University. Another great example of how universities are able to promote their campuses in-world.
  • RMIT University. Check out this space for a completely different take on university presence in world.
  • Australian Film, Television, and Radio School (AFTRS).
  • Garden of Da Vinci. A really unique build which models the different inventions of Leonardo da Vinci.

Feel free to explore any of these sites or find ones that interest you through the search. If you are having difficulty, try asking another Resident for help.


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