It’s Conference Time!

I’m going to be off to the Popular Culture Association National Conference in lovely New Orleans on Tuesday to give a paper on my thesis topic, hoorah! I’ve already been in contact with some people who are going to be attending. I’m really looking forward to doing some networking with the other people studying vids and fandom out there.

I’ll be giving a modified version of the paper I gave here at the Postgrad Student Conference, which I blogged about before. I’m going to be focusing on how vids can manipulate the source in a multitude of ways by using a variety of vids from Supernatural that take the essentially action-thriller-horror show and change it into a melodrama, a slash romance, a AU about serial killers, a critical commentary on women in the media, and an intertextual masterpiece.

As much as I adore it, I had to take out “Things That Make You Go Hmmm…” by deirdre_c because the presentation was just way too long the last time I gave it and I have another slash vid in there already (“Here In Your Car” by dalyn03).

Got my suit tailored and bought new shoes, so I’m all ready!


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