still not dead

just got back to oz last week after a month back home in canada for xmas. desperately trying to get things back on track with this thesis, as i’ve ended up quite behind as of late due to a pile of interferences.

i’m currently in the pipeline to upgrade from an MA thesis to a PhD dissertation… i was offered a scholarship, but there seem to be some problems getting it approved so i’m currently in limbo because i can’t afford to do a PhD without the free monies. argh. it’s been 6 weeks or more now with this awful limbo… if i get the PhD it will drastically change how i proceed. i need to know one way or the other so i can get my act together and bash out some actual work!

still trying to transcribe all my notes from my time at VidUKon – how sad is that? like i said, i’ve gotta get on this…

(p.s. happy australia day!)


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