wow. strange day on monday for me. my advisor has, several times already, asked me if i’d like to consider upgrading my thesis from a MA to a PhD, and several times i’ve said no to him. of many, many factors, one of the biggest decisions in my choice to just finish my work on vidding at the MA level is the fact that i simply cannot afford to pay any more tuition.

okay. flash forward several months. meeting with advisor. he says, “if you agree to stay, i’ll go to bat for you and get you a guaranteed scholarship for three years.”

i freak out.

i agonize over it for many, many days.

i freak out some more.

i say yes.

i won’t hear for a while if i will get the scholarship or not, and i cannot stay if i don’t, but right now it looks like this could be a PhD on vidding, and another three years in oz for me. SCARY!


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