A work in progress… all over the place

Well, I’m finally underway and now knee-deep in the preparation for my research. It’s quite difficult, actually, because vidding has never really been documented in any in-depth manner in the past (barring a few instances, such as a chapter in Jenkins 1992), there’s so much leg-work to be done it’s extremely daunting. The part that is both fascinating and very frustrating is that vidding stands at the intersection of different media forms, and also in-between theoretical frameworks and disciplines. It’s amazing because I’m kind of treading new territory here and no matter what I come up with it should be pretty unique, but so demoralizing because there’s just so many avenues that need to be explored and I think I’m starting to drown in it all.

But that’s okay! I can do this, right?

I’m going to share a few more vid recs for all y’all:

– “Ritual Habitual”, by Alcoholic Pixie – LINK!. I watched this vid and my mouth hit the floor with how unique it was. I am definitely going to use this vid in my thesis if I can (after I ask the vidder for permission, of course). It’s an extremely well-composed Supernatural AU that makes Sam a violent serial killer, who escapes from prison after being convicted of killing Jessica. (How cool is that?) In a way, the show makes this vid almost too easy to create because of its constant scenes of women in danger, as victims, and such. And SPN does share a lot in common aesthetically (mostly in how it’s shot) with serial killer and slasher horror films. I would love to use this vid to talk about how vidders reinvent and subvert the original narrative, context, and intention of television series, sometimes completely tossing the original story out the window and crafting their own.

– Another great AU is “Papa Don’t Preach”, by Eunice and Greensilver – LINK! First of all, I laughed so hard watching this vid that my housemates came to see if I was okay. Yeah. I first thought, “That’s so wrong, mpregs are scary, I can’t watch this”. But of course I also couldn’t resist, and I have to admit this vid is a perfect example of a crack AU going ever so RIGHT. If you think about it, this vid’s all in the lyrics. It’s completely and utterly dependent on the lyrics to lay out the narrative of the vid, and if you don’t pay attention to every line you might not get it at all. But if you do follow it, it’s a fantabulous example of taking source footage WAAAYYYYY out of context and using that to make the footage say whatever you want it to. I hope to use this vid in my thesis as well, as an example of a fan/vidder exerting control over the characters and narrative and altering it to suit fannish desires.

I really have to get back to my ethics form now (joy), but I did just want to put a call out there (if anyone actually reads this thing) that if anyone is interested in being interviewed as a part of my thesis, I would love to hear from you. You don’t have to be a vidder, even – just a watcher of vids, a fan, or even anyone at all. Drop me a comment!

Also – tell me your favourite AU vid and why!


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