tracking bbc’s transmedia

the bbc, apparently, has a mandate requiring them to create extra content and behind-the-scenes items for all of their shows. in particular, see doctor who’s website counting down to xmas/the next episode with an advent-ure countdown clock and new items everyday:

1. xmas wishes from tennant/minogue

2. short story – winter themed (fic??)

3. behind-the-scenes photos of new episode

4. companions quiz

5. xmas cards with photos from new ep.

6. extra track from episode “gridlock” of choir.

7. xmas posters (who related)

8. 10 second preview of new episode

9. jigsaw puzzle to review painting of titanic, if complete then get to see RTD’s script extract

10. 15 desktop wallpapers with images from new episode

11. behind the scenes video of filming of dvd commentary for episode gridlock

12. game where you fly the TARDIS through time/space collecting energy while trying to get to 21st cen. Cardiff to refuel at the rift.

13. 30-sec vid of cast and crew singing “we wish you a merry xmas”.

14. 1.30 full trailer for the new episode.

15. make a christmas tree ornament of one of the villians.

16. 20-sec vid of clips from new episode.

17. “dalek break-out” game.

18. additional features added to comic maker, with festive themes.

19. interviews with executive producer, producer, and creator/head writer regarding upcoming season, etc.

20. preview of upcoming new website design for episodes, with some new content.

21. yet another version of the trailer – 40s.

22. video of actors recording commentary for s3 finale.

23. podcast excerpt from commentary for xmas special by exec trio.

24. screensavers with episode pictures, etc.

25. preview of “confidential” for xmas episode.


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